Kathy Krynski

Second Vice President

Kathy Krynski joined the Department of Economics at Kenyon College in 1986. Before that she taught at Pomona College and the University of Notre Dame. She received her BA from Pomona College and her PhD from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Krynski was trained as a labor economist and spent a year as a visiting economist at the Social Security Administration working on labor supply and retirement issues. Krynski has conducted joint research with David Harrington on the economic effects of state regulations on funeral markets and the earnings of funeral directors. They (with coauthor, Maya Federman) have also investigated whether native workers are being displaced due to the entry of Vietnamese into the market for manicurists and how the displacement rate is affected by differences in state regulations.  Her work has been published in the British Journal of Industrial Relations, American Economic Review, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Journal of Law and Economics, and National Tax Journal.

Krynski teaches an array of applied economics courses including labor economics, the economics of women and work, and the economics of education as well as core courses in microeconomics and econometrics.  She has also consistently contributed to the honors program in economics at Kenyon, regularly teaching the honors seminar and working very closely with students as they develop empirical studies for the honors papers.  She also served as department chair for many years and associate provost from 1999-2002.