What should be included in the abstract?

Abstracts submitted to the MEA should fit on to one page (single-spaced) and must include your name with affiliation, coauthor’s names and affiliations, title of the paper, and JEL code of the paper with sub classification numbers if possible. State your research question and explain how you plan to answer that question. If you will be using an existing model to guide your analysis, identify what that model is and any needed modifications of it.  If your research will be empirical, explain the data or other resources that you will draw upon and the tools of analysis – econometrics, simulations, experimental – that you will use.  If your research will be theoretical, explain the essential features of your model, the results that you expect it to yield, and the method you will use to derive these results.  In either case, explain the criteria you will use to judge the validity of your results.  For more additional suggestions read: How to Write an Abstract.